‘we’re Not Unicorns’: Husband Donates Kidney To Wife At Loyola Medicine, Showing Possibilities For Kidney Transplants After Age 70

‘We’re not unicorns’: Husband donates kidney to wife at Loyola Medicine, showing possibilities for kidney transplants after age 70

Jon and Carol McCabe were in the Galápagos Islands with their family for the trip of a lifetime. The couple from Clarendon Hills shared 30 meals with their children and grandchildren and admired diverse wildlife. But Carol’s health rapidly declined during the trip. She struggled to walk long distances and needed lots of naps. “The […]

Black History Month: Honoring Our Victories And Continuing Our Fight

Black History Month: Honoring Our Victories and Continuing Our Fight

As we come to the close of Black History Month, we have celebrated our history, our culture and our triumphs. I love the movies, awards programs, and theatrical performances that celebrate our ancestors’ accomplishments. We truly are a culture of resilience. If you haven’t watched the documentary “The League” (Hulu), I encourage you to do […]

Medical Misconduct: Read The Investigation On Sexual Abuse By Providers

Medical misconduct: Read the investigation on sexual abuse by providers

Over the course of a yearlong investigation, the Tribune found that well-known Illinois health systems have allowed workers accused of abusing patients to keep providing care. The failures to respond adequately to abuse allegations had devastating consequences for the victims, who felt betrayed by medical systems they had trusted with their health and safety. While […]

Failure To Protect

Failure to protect

Editor’s note: This story includes descriptions of sexual abuse. Doctors and other health care providers accused by patients of sexual misconduct kept practicing – sometimes for years – because of gaps in Illinois laws and a licensing agency that can be slow to take disciplinary action, a Tribune investigation has found. The providers went on […]

For women undergoing IVF in Alabama, what now?

Natalie Brumfield, 41, cried as she read about the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that embryos in test tubes should be considered children. A mother of seven, including two babies conceived through in vitro fertilization, Brumfield felt that one of her cherished beliefs as a Christian had been affirmed: Life, she said, begins when embryos form. […]

Black Women Are Murdered 6 Times More Than White Women

Black Women Are Murdered 6 Times More Than White Women

Photo by South_agency via Getty Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto by Alexa Spencer Black women are, on average, six times more likely to be murdered than white women, according to a new report. The rates are even higher depending on where the women live and during what time period.  The analysis, conducted by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, […]

Chicago’s Unhoused Are The Focus Of Wttw’s Latest Season Of ‘firsthand’ Documentary Series

Chicago’s unhoused are the focus of WTTW’s latest season of ‘Firsthand’ documentary series

Brian Rodgers, 50, had a typical upbringing, growing up with a working mother and grandmother who he said gave him everything he needed to succeed. But along the way, his values got misaligned from what he was taught. That landed him in jail many times. “If you add all of my time out, which has […]

FDA warns against smartwatches and rings that claim to measure blood sugar without needles

Smartwatches and rings that claim to measure blood sugar levels for medical purposes without piercing the skin could be dangerous and should be avoided, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Wednesday. The caution applies to any watch or ring, regardless of brand, that claims to measure blood glucose levels in a noninvasive way, the […]

Silent brain changes precede Alzheimer’s. Researchers have new clues about which come first

WASHINGTON — Alzheimer’s quietly ravages the brain long before symptoms appear and now scientists have new clues about the dominolike sequence of those changes — a potential window to one day intervene. A large study in China tracked middle-aged and older adults for 20 years, using regular brain scans, spinal taps and other tests. Compared […]

Patients Reported Sexual Abuse By Medical Providers. Health Care Systems Let Them Keep Working.

Patients reported sexual abuse by medical providers. Health care systems let them keep working.

Editor’s note: This story includes descriptions of sexual abuse and assault. When a woman came to the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute complaining of hip and groin pain, X-ray technician Karol Ruszczyk put his hand between her legs, touching her vaginal area over her clothes. At Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview, nurse David Giurgiu had a […]

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